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100% Organic Pima Cotton

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Peru: Sourcing the Most Luxurious Cotton in the World

Peru's geography creates ideal growing conditions for cotton. Pima cotton, first domesticated in Peru as early as 4200BC, is an extra long staple cotton known for its softness and durability. To this day, it is hand-harvested to ensure the most premium quality. This, along with Peru's deep history and experience cultivating cotton, results in the world's finest product.

Alternative is proud to use 100% organic Pima Cotton sourced from its place of origin.


The finest 100% organic cotton

In Partnership

For more than a decade, Alternative has gone to Peru to source the softest, most luxurious cotton in the world. Recently, we set out to deepen our commitment and relationship with our partners in Peru by exploring the culture and heritage from which these rich cotton traditions hail.

We documented our experience in a series of "Made in Peru" films, getting to know the artisans who shape these traditions, traversing the land and engaging in experience and conversations that amounted to a truly unforgettable journey.


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