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made in peru

For more than a decade, Alternative has traveled to Peru to sustainably source
the softest, most luxurious fibers in the world.

alpaca collection

In partnership with the Sustainable Alpaca
Network, Pacomarca, we crafted a new
collection of Peruvian alpaca wool capes,
ponchos, sweaters and accessories.

We love alpaca wool because it is a
renewable fiber and an integral part of
Peruvian culture. Working with the locals
at Pacomarca to support their business,
we're taking part in a tradition which respects
the alpacas, which are sheared only once a year
under sustainable, eco-friendly
and humane conditions.

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organic pima cotton

Peru's geography creates ideal growing
conditions for cotton. Pima cotton,
first domesticated in Peru as early as 4200BC,
is an extra long staple cotton known
for its softness and durability.

To this day, it is hand-harvested to ensure
the most premium quality. This, along with
Peru's deep history and experience cultivating
cotton, results in the world's finest product.
We're proud to use 100% organic Pima Cotton
sourced from its place of origin.

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