Health and Safety Comes First

At Alternative Apparel, a Hanes Brand, we care deeply about our community and doing what we can to keep our customers and team members safe at this unprecedented time.

As we continue to monitor and respond to the ever-changing environment, we have decided to close our retail locations until further notice.

It is undeniable that COVID-19 poses one of the most serious health threats to our global community in recent history. As a part of Team Hanes, we are dedicating manufacturing capacity to face mask production urgently needed in the U.S. to fight the spread of the virus.

As we grapple with the impact of this pandemic, we all have a responsibility to our individual communities to follow the guidance of our health authorities to help impede the spread of COVID-19. Practice good hygiene habits, social distance, and help each other find some comfort in these trying times.

Take care of yourselves until we have the privilege of serving you in person again.